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Collections of interior vases

About Guaxs

At GUAXS, the distinctive character and quality of all objects begins during the process of creation. Both the selection of materials and the choice of manufacturers and cutters are made with the highest care. Mastery of exceptional craftsmanship and years of experience play a central role in this selection. In addition, all manufacturers come from countries where the craft has a long tradition. Only years of learning special practices and techniques can result in a product of level of quality.

The inspiration comes from the deep study of different cultures and the tracing of their common characteristics from ancient to modern times.

In line with this work principle, Guaxs strive to preserve the craft and its local tradition.
Another quality feature of all GUAXS objects is their individual appearance. Each form is characterized by a variety of inspirations and the expression of one' s own creativity. All glass objects are mouth-blown and are produced purely by hand. Even the finishing of the surface is done individually by hand by the various phases of grinding and polishing follow.

Every single GUAXS shape is a unique object, a one-of-a-kind piece of the highest craftsmanship.

"At GUAXS we try to develop sculptural objects, that change the atmosphere of a room and have an effect on the people around them. We draw our inspiration from forms of nature and cultural artefacts, always influenced by personal experience gathered on travels, intuition and close observation. Our objects are made of authentic and sustainable materials, manufactured by hand following practical knowledge and handcraft techniques developed over centuries. Each piece shows the variable traces of human work on its surface, creating interplay between sculptural form and texture.

More specifically, the design of our glass objects combines these aspects with a nuanced and strong color impression, leading to a smooth and natural appearance. This allows them to integrate well into any architecture, while remaining something special and magic at the same time."

Annette and Anselm Schaugg, Founders of GUAXS