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Meet the charming creatures from the Meier Zoo:
there are sheeps, chickens, horses, and many other funny animals.

About Meier.Germany

The probability of surviving as a company in the third generation is less than 20 percent in Germany. In 2018, the family business turned 70 years old. Meier.Germany is therefore one of the relatively small group of companies that are successfully managed by the grandchild generation.

Cute sheep from Meier made of natural wood and leather, covered with a sheep wool, have already managed to win the love of the whole world. And it's not just decor — children can sit and ride on them.

Each figure is made in several sizes – from a small sheep or duck, which can be placed in the nursery, to a life-size figure. Regardless of size and color, all decorative figures are made of natural materials – wood, leather and soft sheep wool. A charming feature is the eyes of a fascinating blue color. The Meier family workshop carefully preserves the traditions of cabinetmakers in its region.

The company's history begins in 1948, in the post-war period, with Hermann Meier. He is an artisan in the literal sense. By 1970, he had mastered the production and sale of rocking horses almost on his own, with great skill and almost without machines. And his family was able to live on it.

Impressed by the hard life of his father, the son, Horst Meier, learns the profession of a car mechanic. He wants to make his money in the industry. Only a few years later he discovered the possibilities and freedoms of entrepreneurship and he took over his father's business in 1970.

The following years are determined by the search for an expansion of the range, by the development of a second mainstay. This is ultimately achieved thanks to the Krafft-Meier cooperative. The teacher for "fine Arts", Hanns-Peter Krafft, learns the craft from Horst Meier and the company learns everything from Krafft about product development and Design.In as a result, in addition to the traditional rocking horses in plush and fur, the company also produces an ever-expanding range of handicraft objects and high-quality decorative items. For example, Santa Clauses, Easter bunnies, scarecrows, ducks, geese, dogs or cats. The absolute star of all these objects will be the sheep, especially the life-size sheep.

Within two years (1980 to 1981), the Gäules-Meier became Horst Meier GmbH, West-Germany.

The change in the 3rd generation was made in 1998 by the trained merchants Cornelia and Stefan Koch. Two years later, in the summer of 2000, the new company building was inaugurated, which includes the administration and a large exhibition room. For the first time, you can show and try out for yourself how to use products from Meier.Germany can present and sell.