Premium linen textile from France

About Lissoy
The Lissoy brand is a new and unique concept of home textiles in linen. Produced in a thin strip in northern France, this linen is considered the best in the world. Another feature of the brand is the exclusive range of colors that are inspired by the picturesque landscapes of Normandy. The palette of colors and motifs is so great that it fits any interior style.

The creators of the brand have taken care not only about beauty, but also the practicality of use - convenient push-button system allows you to quickly make bed linen and easily hang curtains. Among the pluses is also the ability to combine sets and size range. Not for nothing the slogan of the brand is "CHIC and PRATIQUE".
A big megalopolis, an active lifestyle, work and sports do not leave us even a second for proper rest. Only healthy sleep can replenish all the energy we need to conquer new and new peaks. They say that in order to get a good night's sleep, you need to go to the countryside, but not always there is such an opportunity! That leaves one thing - to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in your bedroom. For this purpose, like no other, you can choose Linen made of natural materials, such as Lissoy brand.

The idea of eco-friendly, comfortable for life linen, which would adjust to your rhythm and mood was the inspiration for Jacky, the creator of the brand. His many years of experience working with fabrics for such giants as Gallery Lafaet, his love for his business, his knowledge of textiles allowed him to establish a truly unique brand. Nature herself seems to have burst into your bedroom, since this 100% natural linen wraps you so gently and creates an atmosphere of harmony.

It's no secret that linen contains a whole range of useful qualities being a natural antiseptic, it has bactericidal properties. Linen exceeds cotton fabrics in air permeability, thermal conductivity, absorption and release of moisture, due to this linen will warm you up in winter, and in summer during the heat will cool your body. Linen reflects almost the entire spectrum of ultraviolet radiation, which is why a room with linen fabrics is so pleasant for tired eyes. Linen fiber is very strong and durable, the linen does not deform and does not roll, moreover new technologies used in the manufacture of these fabrics allow to eliminate the traditional ironing of laundry, you just dry it in the dryer and fold it neatly!

The Lissoy brand has received the "European Flax" quality certificate, which confirms the first class quality of the raw materials and its processing.
The widest assortment includes bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom collections. If desired, you may choose the decor for the whole house. It is also interesting to find the bedding itself - it's not ready-made sets, but separate elements: pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets, so that, given the rich with unique colors of the Lissoy palette, you can always find an individual set that will change with you depending on your mood!
Bed linen
Ability to assemble a unique set, since all items are sold separately.
Table linen
Tablecloth, napkins, placemate, table runner.
Bath linen
Waffle and terry towels.
A wide size range.
From the thickest to the most voile.
The patented Easy clip system.
Made of linen, cotton and hemp.

Cushion cover
Designed with bedding and plaid collections in mind.